Fame Dogs

Hollywood. It's do or die.

About the Film

FAME DOGS premiered in May 2016 at the Los Angeles Independent Filmmakers Showcase, where it was awarded Best Comedy. After playing several more festivals, the show debuted online in December 2016. It has since been viewed over 50,000 times.

In April 2017, FAME DOGS was recognized by the Indie Series Awards, winning Best Comedy Ensemble and Best Comedy Series.

“For a person with the fame motive, whatever level or strength of fame may be achieved, it is never enough to satisfy the fame seeker or to cause the fame motive to disappear, leading to what has been called the “16th minute of fame”: the desire to live on in people’s minds after death.” — Orville Gilbert Brim

FAME DOGS satirizes America’s fascination with stardom and celebrity death culture, through the eyes of what TIME magazine (affectionately, we’re sure) calls “The Me Me Me Generation.”

The script was inspired by the collected Hollywood experiences of the FAME DOGS production team. Through Polly’s story, we hope to explore our national obsession with fame, and explore some nagging questions. Why is fame the most common aspiration of children aged 10-12? Can stardom be singularly achieved, or is it conferred by society?

Considering the Millennials’ dogged pursuit of fame, are we truly just a generation of narcissistic sociopaths?



Through the lens of dark comedy, FAME DOGS explores America’s national obsession with fame.

Polly White (Sylvia Batey Alcalá) is floundering. A Tony-winning actress, she moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of silver screen stardom, only to find herself waiting tables alongside the rest of Hollywood’s runoff. When a chance encounter with a young starlet (Jillian Clare) results in the other woman’s death, the media turns its attention to Polly. In the name of art, Polly capitalizes on her moment of notoriety, and in so doing spirals into a cycle of hate, death, and tabloid glory.